Best Lithium UPS in Bangalore

Basukey Lithium systems are relatively new to the UPS system space, but they can provide a number of key advantages for data center applications. These batteries generally have a higher specific energy density than lead-acid batteries, a longer lifespan, a shorter recharge time, and are capable of completing a larger number of charge/discharge cycles as many as two or three times more cycles than a lead-acid, depending on the chemical composition of the battery for Home.

This is where new battery technology can make a real difference for a data center. batteries systems for a UPS can take up to 50% to 80% less floor space and weigh 60% to 80% less than a comparable lead-acid system. For data centers that are rapidly reaching floor and rack-space capacity, the shift to UPS systems could free up space, reduce clutter, and make it easier to reconfigure equipment.

UPS systems that use lithium batteries instead of lead-acid can benefit data centers by reducing costs, saving space, and improving overall performance. There are a number of different chemistries available, and the chemical make-up of the battery can affect overall performance. Carefully evaluate the battery technology you utilize for your UPS systems before making an investment.

Basukey Lithium batteries are set to be the preferred choice by businesses investing in a UPS solution, with increased battery life & quicker.

The Advantages of batteries Over Lead Acid  for UPS Usage ·  Basukey Lithium Has a Longer Battery Life With Less Maintenance · 

About Lithium
About Lithium
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