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What is UPS An Uninterruptable Power Supply is a device that allows for Home , Office and Computers to keep running fast when power supply is lost. As long as power supply is flowing it also maintains the energy storage. Hence energy can be stored in ups ways. In addition to supplying emergency electrical power to the loads, a UPS also protects sensitive equipment such as computers, data centers, TV sets, industrial process control and monitoring systems, and many other electronic devices. Power interruptions can cause big problems for many of us who rely on Home, Computers for Work, School, Business, and Finance. We may lose data, forfeit crucial transactions, and unintentionally exit important meetings. They can even damage computer hardware which can further delay us from making progress on our tasks. As a solution, many people started to buy Uninterruptible Power Supplies, also known as UPS. These devices have proven to be so effective that they have become a staple in many Businesses and Institutions that provides instant power failure occur. A UPS is often used in Business Facilities, Hospitals, Schools Office Home etc., and is becoming increasingly common in House Holds as many people see the benefits of a UPS. Battery Duration  UPS systems emit heat, regardless of Battery type, so there’s a limit to how long UPS can operate without air conditioning. The actual limit depends on factors such as room size, other equipment and building heat load, but the generally accepted rule is 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Our UPS Battery has 10 yrs life with 4years Warranty and 2500 Battery Life Cycles. UPS performs the Following Functions ConsultingBasukeys lithium  creates solutions to power problems through an interdependent network of Sales Partners and Basukeys Lithium Controls employees throughout the Bengaluru .Our team provides consulting services, application expertise, Technical information and ownership support. They are interconnected by advanced voice and data communication to serve you regardless of where your operations, procurement and Engineering are located. We are all always happy to help you Get in Touch with us Today

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