Right Back Up for Bright Lives

We are Famous as one of the Lithium UPS Batteries a Power UPS for Home Failure can Badly Disturb the Home Appliances so it is Necessary to use backups in case of power cuts . UPS Batteries so just that. They serve as the potion that keeps all the equipment working even during Power Failures UPS for Home Works Better. At Basukey , our aim is to remove all sorts of Disruptions and make it Successful by Delivering the UPS to Customer Home. Why Choose Lithium UPS The Lithium Battery is a Multi-Purpose Battery and Future Generation Battery. Our Ups Batteries are use for Electronic Appliances were its Capacity and Power of Battery is the Source of Lithium Our UPS Provides Longer backup times and require less Maintenance Compared to Other Batteries. They also have Charge you can use more of the Stored Energy before Recharging for your Home its Consumes Less Power Supply . Basukey Lithium UPS is a start up of Manufacturer of Lithium Batteries based out of Karnataka when it comes to choosing the best UPS for your Home or Office, there are specific aspects you must ponder upon. One of the most important factors is the type of Battery that the UPS uses. In recent years, there has been a growing trend toward using inverters with Lithium Batteries owing to their superior Performance and Longevity.

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Long Lasting UPS for Every Day Use

Basukey Lithium Company is Trusted online store, you can find the Best UPS Battery for Residential at Pocket Friendly rates. Our UPS Battery is a Perfect Choice for your Home & Office that can withstand Regular Power Cuts. When you Check the Price of Batteries on our Website you will find the most Unbeatable rates than other Suppliers. You can order our UPS either Online or via Phone. Our Battery is a highly Dense & Equivalent Material that Delivers Consistent Power & Long Life. Our UPS is Best Suitable for Residential and Office Purpose  To Provide Energy storage System Solutions to make Life Better  Batteries are compatible with any brand of UPS available in the Market, so you are never at a Loss for Power. When you buy an Basukey Lithium UPS Battery, you enjoy a completely Trouble Free Experience as the Battery has High Heat Resistance. We are No 1 Manufacturer of Lithium UPS in Karnataka We will Deliver all Over Karnataka   Our Device that provides Battery backup when the Electrical power Fails or Drops to an Unacceptable Voltage Level. Experienced & Skilled Expert We look forward to working with you achieving a more Continuous and Life well Organized Future. Talk to our Experts to Solve Your Query Regarding Our Battery.

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Bangalore Leading Basukey Lithium UPS

Welcome to The World of Basukey Lithium UPS Since we are Own UPS Manufacturer in Karnataka . We are First Lithium UPS Manufacturer We Sell UPS through Online and Offline Our Service is to from Small to Medium Business and Residential Purpose use Consumption of Electricity is Less with 4 Years of Extended Warranty and 10 Years of Battery Life with 2500 Of Battery Cycles. We are One Stop Solutions for your Backups Needs which is to Deliver the Best Service to the Customers Through a Young Team of Technically Dynamic Professionals. Basukey is the Lithium UPS Battery store , which Try to provide professional Delivery and Quality products to Customers. We have been giving Excellent Service to our Customers with the Best of Products. We Provide Best Suited UPS System based on Need of Application. Our Wide Range of UPS allow Us to Offer a Diverse Selection Of Models each Designed to Specific Application. Feature-Packed UPS How can We Help you For any Information Contact us 8277885777 or Visit Our Website . We are Happy to Serve You.

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Home UPS Lithium Battery

Basukey Lithium UPS offer Power to Home Appliances in Edge of Distributing to Home Lower They Last Longer with Lithium UPS , resulting in fewer Batteries Replacements and Lower Labor costs. With Smaller Size and Lower weight Advantages of Lithium UPS Batteries A More Space Saving Product with Small Utilization of Floor Space Longer Replacement and Lower Weight in Comparison Short Charge Time Compared to Other Batteries Work at Higher Ranges Batteries than other UPS Batteries which means they Work in Home Environments.  Batteries have a Longer Lifespan Compared to Lead-acid Batteries Ten years Basukey Believes that Accommodate to Market Conditions and Empowering Customers by helping them to Improve Performance Builds Stronger Relations and Enables us to be Preferred Power Partners for Customers who are Better able to Maintain their Competitive Edge. Lithium Battery Compatible UPS has Opened a World of Opportunity. This Configuration Delivers the Adjustability, Flexibility, and Intelligence of the Basukey UPS with all the Benefits of Lithium Technology, including longer Battery Life, Reduced Size and Weight and Increased Power Density.Our UPS with a Lithium Battery is Expected to have Ten Years Battery Life Compared to a Standard UPS System. There are many ways UPS system with a Lithium Battery sets itself apart.

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Best Budget UPS

A Generator may have a brief Interruption of power before kicking in and, thereafter, providing hours of power, whereas a Best UPS Budget is mainly for protecting your Equipment against power outages and power surges, saving you from possible Damage. Basukey Lithium UPS Batteries which has Budget is legendary for its high quality Batteries & reputed in the Battery industry for its good & ethical Business practices. We Manufacturing UPS is environment friendly, involves employs & ensures their welfare is first. Our UPS is probably one of the few companies worldwide to manufacture in house, the entire Battery from the lead , Battery containers, the grid castings, , assembly & testing of Batteries to world class standards. A compact, lightweight, long-lasting, and advanced Lithium Battery solution for Uninterruptible Power Supplies. Our UPS is has 4 years Warranty with 10 years of Battery Life and 2500 Battery Life Cycle Our High Quality, Durable, Long-Lasting, Safe and Heavy-Duty UPS Batteries offer heavy-duty power supply to all our customers. We are famous as one of the leading UPS Lithium. Its Advantages Zero Maintenance True Capacity Performance Fast & safe Charging Easy and Quick Installation Pure Sine Wave Out Put Eco-Friendly Product Natural Cooling Light in Weight Higher in Efficiency Built in Protection For More Details Visit Our Website for Online and Offline Delivery.

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The Best Brand of UPS

Basukey Lithium UPS is one of the leading online UPS Battery Manufacturer in Bangalore. We offer a wide range of UPS products to our customers at reasonable prices and with the Best Quality. Leading UPS Battery Manufacturer learnt About our High Quality Ups Systems That seamless Power Supply for Commercial and Residential Applications. Through Marketing value-added products and backing them up with the Best services available in the industry has blazed a wonderful path in building a strong bond with our valued Customers. Quality: We offer our products with an assurance of high quality and performance. These are the crucial realities that the association trusts in and Individuals regard and work towards. Basic beliefs additionally set the pace of the association’s way of life. Client Satisfaction: We are a company with the policy of serving clients in a Professional Manner. Our Ethical Business practices and flexible attitude has won us a large client base. We serve the clients with our timely and safe Transportation services along with the Best products which are timely evolved with the latest features. Contact Us: Reach out to us for any queries or support. We’re here to help you with all your power solution needs.

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Looking for UPS Batteries

Karnataka’s Power supply is known to be unreliable in most regions of the country. Strong winds, rain, anything, and everything may easily disrupt and wipe off electricity in Karnataka. You almost certainly need an inverter or a Basukey Lithium UPS to secure your Office and Home Appliances. The Best UPS for Home in Bangalore must be an appliance that can stay on even after several power outages, allowing you to meet deadlines even when there is no power. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the finest UPS in Karnataka in this will help you to compare and choose the most trustworthy one based on your budget and needs. This gadget supplies Battery backup when the Electrical power fails or decreases to an unacceptable voltage level. Small UPS for Home offer power for a few minutes, while larger systems have enough Battery to run for several hours. UPS systems are only used for a few minutes before electrical generators take over in mission-critical data centers. UPS systems can be set up to notify file servers to shut down promptly when a power loss occurs. Specification Model No BLF 1512 Capacity :150Ah Dc Voltage:12.8 Weight in Kg: 14 Dimensions: 240 x 240 x 310 Application :Any Make Sinewave UPS 12V, DC Benefits 4 Years Warranty 10 Years of Battery Life 2500 Battery Life Cycles.

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The Best Lithium UPS

We are leading UPS Battery Suppliers of reputed in Karnataka’s ups Batteries. Here we offer end to end solution for UPS battery requirements for Home and Office needs. Basukey UPS introduces a new challenger Series with a modern pure sine wave UPS inverter range endowed with first-in-segment features. The output of the UPS inverter is regulated and completely stable and is free and Safe for running the most worldly and sensitive modern appliances like, PC, TV, lights & fans. Specifications Model No UPS BK400 Product Type : Basukey VRLA UPS Capacity in VA :400 Capacity in Watts :320 Weight : 29 Kg Advantages 4 years Warranty 10 years of Battery Life 2500 Battery Life Cycles. We are happy to say that With easy installation and a minimalist design, Powerwall complements a variety of home styles and Office needs. The compact, all-in-one construction features all round Mounting options for indoor or outdoor spaces. Intelligent charging and power management of UPS Batteries The inverter system often incorporates intelligent charging and power management features to optimize the charging process and maximize the Battery’s lifespan. For more Details visit our website or call for our customer care or drop Message we will get you in a Touch.

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Best UPS for Home in Bangalore

UPS inverter provides backup power to electronic equipment during power outages. Its basic functionality is to store power in Batteries and make it available to various devices during a power outage. In this situation, an  our Smart Digital UPS, a Battery backup power system, will be your savior by providing power long enough for equipment to gracefully shut down in the event of a utility power failure. Our UPS is a premium series that is the Smart Digital UPS inverter for Home, with many intelligent features, display status, error condition and battery charge voltage selection for longer backup. This is one of the best-selling UPS models in Karnataka . The UPS operates over a standard voltage and a narrow voltage range of 1.25KVA to 7.5 KVA. It helps to provide a high load capacity to your home and has an impressive appearance. A 5-stage battery charging mechanism extends Battery life. Additionally, the Basukey Lithium UPS features advanced battery management technology to optimize battery performance and extend their lifespan even further Advantage of Our UPS Basukey Online Shop is the One Stop Destination to Buy the Exclusive UPS Battery Products at the Best prices with exclusive Deals and Offer. For More Details Visit our Website

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Light up your Home with Basukey Lithium UPS

We are Karnataka’s First Lithium UPS Manufacturer Company since our service into 2009. We are Offering authentic batteries and UPS with 4 years warranty we wholeheartedly accept the latest advancements in technology. Our UPS for Home is portable design which built-in inverters and Lithium Batteries ensuring unparalleled performance. With this innovation, your journey towards sustainability is now hassle-free, characterized by zero maintenance demands and an exceptionally extended battery life up to 10 years. From Respect full Our UPS Batteries for Home to busy commercial spaces and industrious hubs, our UPS installations cater to every corner of society. Whether it’s harnessing the sun’s power for residential spaces or strengthening the growth of industries, we ensure a seamless transition towards a greener and more sustainable tomorrow. Join us on this brilliant journey as we pave the way for a Brilliant future, where clean energy thrives, communities prosper, and the planet happiness with nature. Together, we’ll script an extraordinary tale of progress, one rooftop at a time Our UPS Benefits 4 years Warranty 10 Years Battery Life 2500 Battery Life Cycle Easy and Quick Installation Natural Cooling Higher in Efficiency Built in Protection Sleek in Size Eco-Friendly Product Chemical Process Free Energy Pure Since Way  We engaged in supplying of wide range of best UPS Batteries for Home Online and Offline for more details visit our website or Call Us or Drop a message Our Executive will Contact you Shortly. Our key to success has been our focus on Total Customer satisfaction. We have been associated with world famous brands

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