About Lithium UPS

Lithium batteries are a best choice for UPS systems, as they feature a longer service life, shorter charge period, and no containment requirements like lead acid batteries do. The battery management system monitors the battery temperature, electric charge and charging speed in order to prevent short circuits or overcharging during operation.

Lithium batteries monitor the cell condition in the battery itself, which helps users avoid problems. If you look at battery design, thermal runaway is usually caused by a charging system that malfunctions and does not reduce the charging current appropriately. Either that, or the battery itself is physically damaged.

 These LithiumРbatteries are used in many industries more demanding than data centers, sufficient to indicate that technology is not a passing fad. And manufacturers are working with different compositions of batteries to improve their performance and stability, so the technology is improving over time. But all factors must be weighed fully, as the cost of batteries is significant, and all of the claims cannot be completely substantiated with long-term data. The applicability of any technology must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis what makes sense cost and risk for one data center may not for another.

why to choose Lithium Battery UPS

Basukey lithium UPS systems have been around for decades, most people have been hesitant to choose this option because they were more expensive. With the onset of advanced battery technology, lithium-ion UPS systems have become much more attractive due to reduced pricing that rivals most standard, lead-acid battery UPS systems.

Select UPS systems feature a state-of-the-art lithium iron phosphate internal battery with longer life, more cycles and faster recharge rates.

About Basukey Lithium Battery UPS
About Basukey Lithium Battery UPS
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