About Lithium Batteries

The real advantage for Lithium UPS Li-ion systems is their extended lifespan. In some cases, you may never need to replace a Li-ion battery during the operating life of a UPS resulting in lower cost of ownership and lower maintenance costs due to no battery replacements under normal circumstances.

Depending on chemistry, technology, and temperature, Li-ion can provide a greater cycle life as the number of charge/discharge cycles range from to 2500 Battery life cycles in Lithium batteries and 500 battery life cycles in traditional batteries. Here you may simply say that it’s higher in terms of span of life based on the battery life cycles.

This can result in an extra life of the battery of between 8-10 years

Reduces your Electricity Bill with Fast Charging Lithium Battery & gives relief from Frequent Power Cuts. Suitable for normal Home, shop or Office It can take load of 2-3 Fan, complete Lights & LED TV.

Benefits of Lithium-ion UPS

Longer Battery Life

Basukey batteries have a life expectancy of about three to five years, meaning they will likely need to be swapped out at least once and maybe twice over the 10-year life expectancy

Li-ion batteries can also withstand higher ambient room temperatures than VRLA batteries with little effects on the performance of the battery.

However, Li-ion batteries are much less sensitive to fluctuations in room temperature and spikes in temperature.

Basukey Li-ion batteries also generate less heat and can operate at much higher temperatures than lead acid, meaning they don’t require as much air conditioning, which can reduce cooling costs. 

 Basukey Lithium UPS
Basukey Lithium UPS
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