Leading UPS Batteries.

Basukey Lithium UPS Are you Looking for UPS for Home or Office Investing with good UPS will not help make those Horrible Power Cuts bearable  it save your money and unnecessary headaches. The right ups for Home can help bring down Electricity Bills, protect your Electronic Appliances and also charge the Lithium Battery faster for the next power cut. Our Best Range of UPS is suitable for small power needs for Home to Big Industries.

lithium UPS Batteries
lithium UPS Batteries

An advanced UPS completely natural wave form Guarantee of effortless energy output. with best suited for areas where grid power differ. It designs with Low Voltage Operation to keep your Electronic Appliances to running at their Best with Basukey Lithium UPS Batteries.

Basukey Lithium UPS Advantage

4 years warranty

10 years Battery life

2500 Battery Life Cycle

At Our Company, providing great Service is our Top Priority. We strive to ensure that our clients are not only satisfied with our products but also with the entire purchase process. Our courteous and professional consultants are always ready to assist our clients in selecting the correct battery based on their lithium UPS specifications and personal preferences. Additionally, our Free Express Delivery in 24 Hours

Why Should you Choose Basukey Lithium UPS.

Zero Maintainance

True Capacity Performance

Fast and Safe Charging

Chemical Process Free Energy

Easy Quick Installation

Pure Sine Wave Out Put

Eco Friendly Product

Natural Cooling

Light In Weight

Sleek in Size

Higher in Efficiency

Built in Protection.

Wall Mounting Design

Portable Design

BMS for Additional Safety.

Basukey Lithium UPS is engaged in manufacturing and supplying of Online and Offline UPS since from 2009 . We engaged in supplying of wide range of UPS Systems Online and Offline for more details visit our website or Call Us or Drop a message Our Executive will Contact you Shortly.

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