UPS for Power Back UP

Basukey Lithium UPS is engaged in Manufacturing and supplying of Online and Offline UPS for since from 2009. We engage in Supplying of UPS all Over Bengaluru.

UPS is a device that allows a Battery to keep running for at least a short time when incoming power is interrupted . As long as utility power is flowing, it also replenishes and maintains the energy storage. Power interruptions can cause big problems for many of us who rely on Home , school, business . We may lose data, damage crucial transactions, and unintentionally exit important meetings. They can even damage computer hardware which can further delay us from making progress on our tasks. Hence for this Interruption Basukey UPS is suitable for Home and Office.

Our UPS Store have solution, for many people started to buy uninterruptible power supplies, also known as UPS. These devices have proven to be so effective that they have become a staple in many Residential, Businesses and Institutions.

lithium UPS Batteries
lithium UPS Batteries

Production Description

Brand Name – Basukey Lithium UPS BK1250 1.25Kva

Capacity-1250 1000 watts

Usage- Power Backups

Protections- Short Circuit

Type -Online /offline UPS

Warranty – 4 Years Warranty

Life – 10 Years of Battery Life

Battery Life – 2500 Battery Life Cycles.

We Experience Large Training for that we may provide knowledge to make an decision choosing right Lithium UPS.

  • Stress-free multiple payment options.
  • Strong selection of popular battery brands.
  • 100s of quality UPS Batteries offers on store , trusted by a community.
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