Exploring Benefits of Lithium UPS Batteries

Introducing Basukey Lithium benefits of UPS Explore your world with our UPS Batteries Designed for Top Performance. Our Brand has been symbolize for Trust and Quality since from 2009. Offering a diverse range of UPS Suitable for various Electronic Appliances.

As the First Manufacturer of UPS Basukey is Renowned for Providing the best Benefit Power Back Up Solution. Our UPS have benefits are Eco-Friendly, reliable, Long Lasting and trusted for there Back Ups.

Basukey Lithium UPS is a energy storage and power electronics company with a goal to provide affordable renewable energy products and solutions to every household in India. We provide high quality products that can cater to the requirement of our Customers.

Basukey Lithium Ups
Basukey Lithium Ups

Basukey Lithium UPS BG1250Plus 1.25Kva

Product Description.

Brand Name – Basukey Lithium UPS BG1250Plus 1.25Kva

Usage- Power Backups

Protections- Short Circuit

Type -Online /offline UPS

Warranty – 4 Years Warranty

Life – 10 Years of Battery Life

Battery Life – 2500 Battery Life Cycles.

We Experience Large Training for that we may provide knowledge to make an decision in choosing right Lithium UPS

Basukey Lithium UPS systems Offering a full of range of Power Supplies to Ups. We Provide Customized Solutions based on our Customer needs. Lets go for Eco-Friendly for a Better Tomorrow.

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