Bangalore Leading Basukey Lithium UPS

Welcome to The World of Basukey Lithium UPS Since we are Own UPS Manufacturer in Karnataka . We are First Lithium UPS Manufacturer We Sell UPS through Online and Offline Our Service is to from Small to Medium Business and Residential Purpose use Consumption of Electricity is Less with 4 Years of Extended Warranty and 10 Years of Battery Life with 2500 Of Battery Cycles.

We are One Stop Solutions for your Backups Needs which is to Deliver the Best Service to the Customers Through a Young Team of Technically Dynamic Professionals. Basukey is the Lithium UPS Battery store , which Try to provide professional Delivery and Quality products to Customers. We have been giving Excellent Service to our Customers with the Best of Products.

We Provide Best Suited UPS System based on Need of Application. Our Wide Range of UPS allow Us to Offer a Diverse Selection Of Models each Designed to Specific Application.

Basukey Lithium UPS
Basukey Lithium UPS
Feature-Packed UPS
  • Highly Efficient, Integrated Pure Sine Wave Home UPS System with Inbuilt UPS Battery.
  • Sleek, Wall-mounted Design Saving Floor Space.
  • Zero Maintenance.
  • High life-Cycle Batteries.
  • No Fumes and Less vibration for a Clean.
  • Eco Friendly Products.
  • User-Friendly Display.
  • Automated Intelligent Battery Charge Management.
  • Automatic Protection Controls like Overload, Low Battery, Heat-Up & Short Circuit.
  • Mains overload Protection Through Resettable Switch.

How can We Help you

For any Information Contact us 8277885777 or Visit Our Website . We are Happy to Serve You.

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23 days ago

This blog is very useful and i have gained lot of knowledge from this blog. For your future reference feel free to reach us for your Queries get cleared.

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