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Basukey Lithium UPS offer Power to Home Appliances in Edge of Distributing to Home Lower They Last Longer with Lithium UPS , resulting in fewer Batteries Replacements and Lower Labor costs. With Smaller Size and Lower weight

Advantages of Lithium UPS Batteries

A More Space Saving Product with Small Utilization of Floor Space

Longer Replacement and Lower Weight in Comparison

Short Charge Time Compared to Other Batteries

Work at Higher Ranges Batteries than other UPS Batteries which means they Work in Home Environments.

 Batteries have a Longer Lifespan Compared to Lead-acid Batteries Ten years

Basukey Lithium UPS
Basukey Lithium UPS

Basukey Believes that Accommodate to Market Conditions and Empowering Customers by helping them to Improve Performance Builds Stronger Relations and Enables us to be Preferred Power Partners for Customers who are Better able to Maintain their Competitive Edge.

Lithium Battery Compatible UPS has Opened a World of Opportunity. This Configuration Delivers the Adjustability, Flexibility, and Intelligence of the Basukey UPS with all the Benefits of Lithium Technology, including longer Battery Life, Reduced Size and Weight and Increased Power Density.
Our UPS with a Lithium Battery is Expected to have Ten Years Battery Life Compared to a Standard UPS System. There are many ways UPS system with a Lithium Battery sets itself apart.

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