Best UPS for Home in Bangalore

UPS inverter provides backup power to electronic equipment during power outages. Its basic functionality is to store power in Batteries and make it available to various devices during a power outage. In this situation, an  our Smart Digital UPS, a Battery backup power system, will be your savior by providing power long enough for equipment to gracefully shut down in the event of a utility power failure.

Our UPS is a premium series that is the Smart Digital UPS inverter for Home, with many intelligent features, display status, error condition and battery charge voltage selection for longer backup. This is one of the best-selling UPS models in Karnataka . The UPS operates over a standard voltage and a narrow voltage range of 1.25KVA to 7.5 KVA. It helps to provide a high load capacity to your home and has an impressive appearance. A 5-stage battery charging mechanism extends Battery life.

Basukey Lithium UPS
Basukey Lithium UPS

Additionally, the Basukey Lithium UPS features advanced battery management technology to optimize battery performance and extend their lifespan even further

Advantage of Our UPS

  • India’s First Wall Mounting Inbuilt Lithium UPS.
  • Battery Fitted Inside The UPS.
  • Higher Efficiency.
  • Higher No Of Life Cycles.
  • Quick Charging.
  • Safe Charging.
  • Built in Battery Protection.
  • Contamination Free Energy.
  • True Capacity Performer.
  • Chemical Process Free Product.
  • Light Weight.
  • Sleek In Size.
  • Natural Cooling Product.
  • Easy & Quick Installation.
  • Plug & Play System to Install Any One.
  • Zero Maintenance
  • 4 years Warranty
  • 10 Years Battery Life
  • 2500 Battery Life Cycles

Basukey Online Shop is the One Stop Destination to Buy the Exclusive UPS Battery Products at the Best prices with exclusive Deals and Offer. For More Details Visit our Website

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