Basukey Lithium UPS

Basukey UPS with Lithium Batteries provides up to 10 years of the life of batteries. where it is safe to use for Home and Office . India’s first wall mounting inbuilt UPS with pre installed network management options and protection. Reduces your Electricity Bill with Fast Charging Lithium Battery & gives relief from Frequent Power Cuts. Suitable for normal Home, shop or Office. It can take load of 2-3 Fan, complete Lights & LED TV.

Lithium is a complete Battery technology when it comes to UPS. Whereas Lead-acid batteries have served the industry well for decades, the advantages of lithium Batteries for UPS systems are simply too great to overlook and light weight Basukey VRLA UPS BK400 is a reliable backup power solution high capacity and advanced lithium battery technology. Its built-in automatic voltage regulator and LCD display provide protection and real-time system status updates for your devices and appliances

Basukey Lithium UPS
Basukey Lithium UPS

Lithium UPS Advantages

Higher temperature resistance: Lithium batteries can also resist higher temperatures with no performance degradation .

Smaller, lighter, and more flexible: Basukey Lithium UPS are light in Weight.

Faster Recharge: The UPS battery needs to be recharged as quickly as possible, to full capacity.

Switch to Basukey Lithium UPS Batteries For Home today and keep your business, or Home powered up with our new offering.

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