Karnataka’s Lithium UPS Manufacturer.

Our Company is Karnataka’s First Lithium UPS manufacturer Leading retailer in Bengaluru for Lithium UPS and Batteries for Homes and Offices of brand are introduced by Basukey Lithium has been a retailer for UPS and Batteries over 30 years in Bangalore with sound product knowledge and service capability.

The Charge moves from base to collector during Discharge and Collector to base during Charging. These Batteries have completely revolutionized the portable for Home Electronics market such as cellular Telephones and Laptop computers. Karnataka first Lithium were introduced way back.

About Lithium
  • We are the Number 1 Best Lithium UPS Distributors in Karnataka.
  • Safe design for your valuable, sensitive home electronics. Thanks to pure sine wave Technology.
  • Backup time from six to eight hours for TVs, Home Theatres, Fans, and lights.
  • Advanced safety features such as over-temperature shutdown and short-circuit protection.
  • Aesthetic, eye-catching design.
  • Greater peace of mind with a two-year warranty on the unit.
  • Better battery life, thanks to the multiple batteries charging option.

Why Should you Choose Basukey Lithium UPS.

Zero Maintainance

True Capacity Performance

Fast and Safe Charging

Chemical Process Free Energy

Easy Quick Installation

Pure Sine Wave Out Put

Eco Friendly Product

Natural Cooling

Light In Weight

Sleek in Size

Higher in Efficiency

Built in Protection.

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