Basukey Solar Water Heater Freedom Plus 500LPD

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Basukey Solar Water Heater Freedom Plus 500LPD

A revolutionary product from the house of Batteryking, the brand that has always delivered the best in quality, technology, performance, and service. The most advanced Solar Water Heaters, Basukey Solar Water Heaters, are made from high-quality components and come with international technology. The Evacuated Tube Collector System facilitates high-efficiency absorption and utilization of solar energy, with minimum heat loss.

Basukey Solar Water Heater saves a substantial amount on electricity bills and other fuels, making it a worthy investment for a lifetime.

  • How It’s Works

Sunlight, incident on the Vacuum Tube, passes through the outer transparent glass tube and strikes the outer surface of the inner glass tube with selective coating (AI/AIN). This glass tube, which acts like a black body,

absorbs the radiation and gets heated up in the process. The presence of vacuum between the two tubes

prevents heat loss to the surroundings. The heated inner tube transfers this heat to the water with which it is directly in contact. Hot water is lower in density and therefore has a tendency to rise. Cool water from the tank flows down to replace the hot water, facilitating circulation by thermosyphon. And through this process, the entire water in the storage tank heats up and gets ready for use. The storage tank is insulated

with PUF, which minimizes heat loss at night-time. It works with a nature-friendly process.

Freedom Model Series Special features Basukey solar Water Heater Special Features

  • Generates hot water without electricity or any other fuel
  •  High quality vacuum tubes made from Borosilicate minimize heat loss, Negligible scaling of tube
  • High quality PUF insulation minimizes the heat loss of water inside the tank.
  • Auto-sun tracking due to the circular shape of vacuum tubes
  • Efficient performance in winter and partially cloudy days.
  • Compact size, low height, light weight
  • Easy to install and transport
  • Advanced technology at competitive rate huge saving on electricity and fuel charge
  • World’s latest Solar Water Heating Technology Specially designed for the Indian Conditions
  • Highly economical & Energy Saver
  • Good Thermal Efficient
  • Best Vacuum Insulated Glass Tube
  • Special Grade Borosilicate Glass Tube
  • Especially, Double & Three Layer Layered Glass Tube Occupy less space compared to the Flat plate system areas.
  • Installation is possible in hard water areas
  • Non-Welding Technology
  • Outer Body Power coted
  • Inner Tank GI with Pure Effoxy Coating
  • High quality vacuum tubes made from Borosilicate minimize heat loss.
  • Efficient performance in winter and partially cloudy days Advanced technology at a competitive rate

Basukey Solar Water Heater Applications

Solar water heaters can be used for homes, community center, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, restaurants, dairy plants, swimming Pools, Canteens, Ashrams, hostels, industries etc.




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