Basukey Lithium Solar UPS BKS1000 1090wp Panel

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Basukey Lithium Solar UPS BKS1000 1090wp Panel

Material Contents:

1.BKS1000(Basukey Solar MPPT Lithium UPS 1KVA) Inbuilt Basukey Lithium Battery 50×2=100Ah Or 25.6/921Wh) =1

2.Rayzon MonoPerc Solar Panel, 545Wp x 2 =1090Wp =2Nos

3.Aluminium Structure =3Nos

4.DC Cable  4sq mm 10Metere Each Red & Black color =2

Silent Features

  • Inbuilt MPPT Charge Controller
  •  DSP based Intelligent technology
  • LCD based display for showing of parameters and status Protection against reverse polarity
  •  Dynamic short circuit protection with fold-back current limiting
  •  Protection against all possible errors like battery low, overload, heavy load, short circuit etc.
  •  Early warning for battery low and overload conditions. System continues normally if the errors is corrected.
  •  Ideal for mixed load application Indigenous design with proven technology. Generator compatibility
  • Regulated Supply ,Unregulated Supply mode selection switch
  •  Pure sinewave. Safe to all kind of loads.
  •  Early warning for battery low and overload conditions
  •  Switching MOSFET based Inverter
  •  Priority Solar Charging
  •  100 V Solar Panel VOC
  •  Minimum VOC Supported : 50V
  •  Lithium & Lead Acid Battery Support

Highly modern configured MPPT based Solar Inverter . Having Switching MOSFET based UPS and having DSP based intelligent Technology.

Built in MPPT Charge Controller. Equipped with latest technology >94% high-efficiency MPPT (maximum power point tracker) charge controller. Controller-based unique design and Pure Sine Wave output with 100% solar panel tracking. Large single line display for better readability(LCD + LED interface). It displays parameters like the battery voltage, charging current, output voltage, input voltage, solar voltage, solar current, solar output, daily KW/H, total KW/H etc

Multi Charging Stage- Comes with multistage charging (Bulk, Absorption,Float, Turbo and Smart) to increase battery backup while maintaining the gravity and temperature.


  • Overload,
  • Battery Low/High,
  • Output Short Circiut
  • Over Heat@100°C ± 10°C,
  • Over/Under frequency,
  • I/P HV, I/P LV,
  • SPV High, SPV Low.

25.6 Voltage System
When the battery voltage reaches 28V it would disconnect your inverter from mains and entire load runs on battery & Solar. In evening, when solar power is low or battery voltage is below 23V, it will switch to mains.
Note: Please note the connection ways, connect the battery first, then connect the solar panel.

Battery Voltage:25.6
Cabinet Mounting Type:Bed Type
MPPT:40 Ampere
Panel VOC:100
Overload Activate :1KW
Safe Running Load from Battery:800W
Maximum panel support:110Wp
Battery Supported: Lithium and Lead Acid
Switch From Grid to Solar:28V
Switch From Solar to Grid :23V


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